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Proof of Concept

The OGG Mega Project (Thailand)

Fighting Plastic Pollution


This page details the design of a "PROOF of CONCEPT" prototype that is intended to clearly demonstrate how the WATER FLOW created by the propellers, moves the plastic pollution inwards and downwards, retaining it the collection nets below.


The first two images below show how the surface water is drawn into the inner tank by the 5 propellers to create the desired flow of water through collection nets to collect the plastic pollution that badly affects fish stocks.



Basic Plan View of the Created Water Flow

Basic Side View of the Created Water Flow


The video below is an ANIMATION of the WATER FLOW, showing the path of the plastic pollution into the collection nets.

Water Flow Animation


Expected to be available soon, the prototype video will show how the water flow is created in REAL TIME and will show exactly  how debris on the water surface is drawn inwards and downwards by the five (5) propellers and retained in the collection nets above the propellers. The prototype components are currently being 3D-printed and will be available soon.

Prototype in Action

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