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Plastic Pollution

Plastics are harming the oceans and the planet. Inside Fiji’s fight for the future

Time Magazine News Article  - Publication Date: July 3rd, 2024

Microplastic Human Dietary Uptake from 1990 to 2018 Grew Across 109 Major Developing and Industrialized Countries But Can Be Halved by Plastic Debris Removal

YES...  Read that again. It Can Be HALVED by Plastic Debris Removal !!!

Plastic pollution challenges in marine and coastal environments:

from local to global governance

The geopolitical economy of Thailand's marine plastic pollution crisis

Thai Union pledges US$200m for sustainability

China's Mekong dams turn Thai fishing villages into 'ghost towns'

Fight Against Illegal Fishing

Mekong Plastics Innovation Alliance [Thailand & Australia]

DELTA STAR GLOBAL: A Positive, Creative and Constructive Vision for Humanity