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Why South East Asia?

Chinese Expansionism


Mainland China is increasing hydro-electric development, so Thailand, Myanmar, Vietnam, Lao and Cambodia are suffering the consequences of reduced water flow in the Mekong River. Thailand is already seeing previously thriving fishing villages turning into ghost towns.


Also, mainland China is now enforcing their "nine-dash line" claim by using their "Coast Guard" to enforce illegal fishing in ASEAN territorial waters. This means smaller fishing catches for ASEAN fishing boats, and less wild fish for ASEAN people to consume. Map of Nine-Dash Line here


China's expansionist policies are not likely to stop, and this will continue to negatively impact all ASEAN countries. To feed a fast growing population, ASEAN  fishing boats must be able to catch MORE fish, not less. Community leaders must LEAD... like THAI UNION's USD $200 million pledge.


Fighting PLASTIC POLLUTION on all fronts will help restore those vital fish stocks, and it will help feed the fast growing ASEAN population. Fishing catches must be sustainable and PLASTIC POLLUTION is destroying ASEAN fish stocks. The time for talk is over. It is now the time for action!

"Leading the fight against PLASTIC POLLUTION in Thailand"