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DELTA STAR GLOBAL: A Positive, Creative and Constructive Vision for Humanity

"NEW Solutions to OLD Problems!"

Mudjimba Island, QLD

Swain Reefs, Great Barrier Reef

Cook Island, NSW

Who is Daryl Bolland?

As a teenager growing up in Brisbane, Australia, I was extremely fortunate to enjoy skin-diving and spear-fishing expeditions with my friends in the pristine waters north and south of my home, especially around Mudjimba Island, QLD and Cook Island, NSW.


Then later, as an Air Crew officer in the Australian Airforce (RAAF), I was extremely fortunate again to be stationed in Townsville, North Queensland. This enabled me to enjoy many weekend trips away skin-diving with my friends on the Swain Reefs on Australia's remarkable Great Barrier Reef. Life was good.


My love of the environment grew from those amazing adventures. It has left me with a deep and life-long desire to protect our oceans and marine life, so they may remain unchanged for future generations. It breaks my heart to see ocean PLASTIC and MICRO-PLASTIC pollution ruining the environment and decimating global fish stocks.


I intend to change all that with the OGG Mega Project !!!

- Daryl Bolland (January, 2024) 

The OGG Mega-Project

Ocean Garbage Gobbler

"NEW solutions to OLD problems"

As an entrepreneur, my goal is to create and implement positive, creative and constructive solutions for our planet with global COMMUNITY, ENVIRONMENTAL and RESOURCES projects. Delta Star Global  and The OGG Mega-Project  were created for that purpose.


The OGG Mega-Project (Ocean Garbage Gobbler) is an ambitious multi-million dollar project which is intended to solve the critical GLOBAL issue of plastic and micro-plastic pollution in our planet's oceans, beaches, rivers and lakes... especially micro-plastics.


The proportions of this PROBLEM is simply staggering and it continues to grow BIGGER every day of  the year. Marine life is being decimated and fish stocks are declining. The world needs MORE fish, not LESS. This CANNOT be allowed to continue. It MUST be stopped !!!


The OGG Mega-Project has been carefully designed and meticulously planned to provide a practical solution to this enormous problem. After 4 years of  detailed design and planning, the OGG Project is now ready to move forward to the next stage of its development cycle: COMMERCIALISATION !!!


Delta Star Global is now seeking Government and/or Corporate partners to make the OGG Mega-Project SOLUTION a reality.


Would you like to join us on this exciting adventure? ...together with our many supporters, stakeholders, sponsors and other interested parties?  Then please consider becoming involved in this extremely important environmental project.

Learn more about The OGG Mega-Project here.

To a marine environmentalist, these images below of ocean and beach plastic garbage are heart-breaking.

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