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Hello My Fellow Global Citizens,

My name is Daryl Bolland [aka Daz]. I was born and bred in Brisbane, Australia, so expect EN-UK spelling :-)

I have a "Vision for Humanity" to share with you. I ask you to open your mind and consider some new possibilities.

It has been wisely stated that every adversity carries with it the seed of an equal or greater benefit. As I write these words in early March, 2022, many of us are facing adversity and extreme hardship.


It is my wish that my words will contribute to finding and implementing that seed of equal or greater benefit, for the good of all Humanity. It is my strong belief that the 1% self-proclaimed "élite" who seek to control and subjugate the remaining 99% of us cannot, and will not, be allowed to succeed with their diabolical plans. These TALMUDIC Jews are human parasites !!!


I do not claim to have all the answers, but I believe that "We the People", working together as an organised Force of Nature, WILL find solutions to all our current problems. We must begin to work together at a LOCAL level to implement a transparent, bottom-up system of SELF RULE !!!


We DO have a remarkable opportunity to create a new future for ourselves, but the clock is ticking.  Let's get started !!!

- Daryl Bolland [Daz]

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