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DELTA STAR GLOBAL: A Positive, Creative and Constructive Vision for Humanity

Greetings Fellow Citizens,

We live in troubled times. Delta Star Global and its associated projects have been established to create and implement a positive, creative and constructive vision for all of humanity. "New solutions to old problems


The main purpose of the Delta Star Global Enterprise is to introduce and facilitate the development and growth of a global CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC , based upon SELF RULE  with transparent and accountable LOCAL decision making, backed by the rule-of-law with swift public JUSTICE for wrong-doers, and based upon the Constitution and Bill of Rights of the United States of America.


We are not affiliated with any religious, political, ideological, ethnic, corporate, special interest groups or secret societies. Such TOP-DOWN groups always become influenced by power-hungry / money-hungry parasites who want to control everyone and everything to benefit themselves and/or their more powerful masters.

- Daryl Bolland [Daz]

Ethics and Values

These basic values are considered a fundamental requirement for the positive growth of the human race.

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Current Projects




Global Resource EXchange

The GREX Project

Human Hexagonal Hives

The HHH Project

Ocean Garbage Gobbler

The OGG Project

We Welcome Your Feedback

Please let us know about improvements we can make to any aspect of our website. Your constructive criticism is much appreciated.

- Delta Star Global