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The OGG Project

Ocean Garbage Gobbler Project - OGG

Oceans & Beaches

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The OGG Mega-Project

The OGG Project is here to clean up our planet's oceans & rivers!

Solid funding by Government, Corporate and Private Sponsors will hasten its progess.

Ocean Garbage Pollution has dire consequences for us all!

Plastic polluters must become financially responsible for the collection of their garbage reaching the oceans!

This issue cannot be ignored forever !!!

Litter such as plastic detergent bottles, crates, buoys, combs, and water bottles blanket Kanapou Bay, on the Island of Kaho’olawe in Hawaii. This region is a hot-spot for marine debris accumulation. [Image: NOAA]

Multi-Mode OGG Pods

Multi-Mode OGG Pods - Surface / Submerged / Landed

Surface Mode 1 for Floating Pollution in Rivers & Oceans

OGG Pods in SURFACE MODE collect and sort floating ocean garbage. Robotic Arms drag in larger garbage pieces and cut discarded collection nets into much shorter, more manageable lengths for disposal.


The use of toroidal propellers greatly increases the volume of seawater flowing through the collection nets that filter out the plastic pollution. This enabled collection of garbage to be completed MUCH faster than only dragging nets .

Submerged  Mode 2 for Microplastics in Deep Ocean

Ocean garbage not only floats on the surface. Garbage has been found at all levels. SUBMERGED MODE Ogg Pods recover deeply submerged MICRO-PLASTICS that cannot usually be recovered by surface vessels using floating nets.


OGG Pods in SUBMERGED MODE collect ocean garbage at deeper levels with a submersible lower stage. Garbage is collected as the pod drifts with the surface current, as well as while the submerged stage is raised from deep water. 


As with OGG Pods in SURFACE MODE, The use of toroidal propellers greatly increases the volume of seawater flowing through the collection nets that filter out the plastic pollution. This enabled collection of garbage to be completed MUCH faster than only dragging nets.


OGG Pods in SUBMERGED MODE collect MICRO-PLASTICS by using suitable fine filters in the collection nets.

Landed  Mode 3 for Pollution Deposited on Beaches & River Banks

The MODE 3 Pods control and provide power to a swarm of 20 AI controlled robots, each autonomous mobile robot collecting one cubic metre of plastic pollution and then returning to deposit the plastic garbage into the pod’s collection nets and to be recharged.


OGG Pods in LANDED MODE simply add tracks to enable the OGG Pods to efficiently maneuver on beaches and river banks to collect unwanted marine garbage. 


OGG Pods use HYDROGEN Fuel Cells for Electrical Power !!!

MODE 1 - Surface

MODE 2 - Submerged

MODE 3 - Landed

Pollution washed up on otherwise pristine beaches is only a tiny part of the pollution problem of the oceans.

The OGG Project was created to address the Marine Garbage problem globally by designing and developing semi-autonomous pods that can collect, sort and identify** all types of marine pollution and prepare it for retrieval and recycling or disposal. Currently, there are approximately 300,000 tons of floating ocean debris, with an estimated 90% of it being plastic.


**Plastic Source Country of Origin can now be detected and determined. Appropriate damages may be awarded.


These MULTI MODE OGG pods will use vortex-producing impellers that will draw all types of marine debris and pollution into a holding "pod" that will enable efficient retrieval. The pods will be powered by long-lasting Aluminum / Graphite salt water batteries, as well as HYDROGEN Fuel Cells, which will enable the pods to operate semi-autonomously for extended periods of time. The pods will transmit a "full" signal that will initiate collection by collector work boats.


The OGG pods are quite large... about 10-20 metres in diameter. A large fleet of 100 [or more] OGG Pods working day and night, 24/7 is needed to clean up ALL the ocean garbage faster than it is being deposited.


Each OGG pod contains one large central collection nylon net PLUS an additional 10 smaller sectional nylon collection nets making hundreds of cubic metres capacity of garbage collection capacity for each pod.

Once the pods are located in the Pacific Ocean, within the Western Garbage Patch OR the Eastern Garbage Patch, we estimate that a fleet of 100 OGG Pods will remove millions of cubic metres of ocean plastic pollution per year. 


Each OGG pod is built using a very strong and durable MODULAR construction.

Modules ensure efficient simplified construction which reduces costs and speeds up production time.

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