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GREX Project



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GREX (Global Resource Exchange Network)

Imagine a world without any worthless fiat currency, BUT a world where ANY type of asset resource can be exchanged with ANY other type of asset resource. In the same way data is transmitted across the Internet, exchanges could be made in many various MULTIPLE locations and secured with Blockchain Technology.

Exchanges could be completed in one single transaction at a local "Resource Barter Bank" OR the transaction could be completed completed state-wide, nationally or globally with many different matching transactions.


For Example...

Jim in Florida wants to exchange ammo for some plastic buckets for water storage. 

Jim searches on GREX for plastic buckets and selects his exchange type as ammunition. He can add a wide range of assets to exchange on his GREX profile, so Jim includes that he has an AR-15 Rifle and some gardening tools to exchange. His GREX search shows him that Laura has plastic buckets and that she wants to exchange for AR-15 ammunition. Their transaction can be quickly completed locally.



Michael in Australia has done a GREX search and he sees that Jim has some gardening tools to exchange. He also sees that Laura has gardening tools on her profile as well, so he has a choice, and can choose the best exchange depending on condition, and transaction value. Since GREX is a global exchange, Jim and Michael would most likely have had MANY exchange transactions to consider and would have chosen the  best option available.


Fixing Asset Value...

Asset values on GREX are established by supply and demand and exchange values for all assets would be set by an equivalent value of more commonly used assets, namely precious metals or safe Crypto currencies.

Local "Barter Banks" would conduct regular exchange settlements in a "Clearing House", just as banks do now, except that there would be a physical exchange of assets. Essentially, every asset exchange would be backed by real-world, easily-exchenged, tangible assets, set at the time of the resource exchange transaction. Assets of known value could be used, like the GREX One Ounce Pure Silver coins.


Who owns GREX?

GREX would be owned and operated LOCALLY as a cooperative by We the People and initially managed by Delta Star Global. GREX would apply a 2% fee for all exchanges and that would be used specifically for services, infrastructure and other community expenses. Staff will be remunerated in a timely manner with an appropriate payment of assets in circulation.

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