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When the shooting starts...
The HHH Project
Stickers Work !!!
Stick it to 'em !!!
SELF RULE - It's the only way

Freedom or Tyranny... it is up to ALL of us !!!

The solution looks very simple:

Transfer the 99% Wealth & Power from the 13 mega-rich families of the corrupt Cabal to "We the People"

The solution IS very simple: "We Have The Power!"

The Cabal control of global wealth & power will disappear as soon as we refuse to comply.

We don't work for them. We pay no tax to them. We purchase nothing from them. We deliver nothing to them.

We don't use their dirty money as currency. Their empire crumbles. Too easy !!!

We will succeed by building our own community for "We the People"

Consider your own human body:

You have trillions of cells working together to ensure your survival.

There is no reason why billions of citizens cannot work together to ensure our own survival.

Human cells cooperate on a MICRO level to achieve results on a MACRO level. We need pro-active citizen cells working in small-scale local groups to achieve large-scale global results for humanity's survival.

The odds are excellent!  Recent global protests show that 25+% of the community will take positive action.

The Delta Star design copies exactly the growth of a BOTTOM UP community structure.

Let's learn from our mistakes of the past.

1. Representative government is too easily corrupted by rampant  intimidation, black-mail and bribery.

2. Vast accumulation of money and power destroys the integrity of political and corporate leaders.

3. Greed and desperation from lack of money creates a lot of violent crime within all communities.

4. Lack of money causes citizens great misery from isolation, loneliness, poor education, poor health and crime.

"We the People" must  change our existing government structure from TOP DOWN "élite" rule to BOTTOM UP "self" rule !!!

"We the People" must remove the power & influence of the Cabal by replacing money with a Global Resource EXchange!!!

"We the People" must encourage civic duty in all responsible citizens

according to their own individual capabilities.

Stickers work !!!

Stick it to 'em !!!

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Reality Check !!!

Please Note:

The proposals of our "Vision for Humanity" listed here on www.deltastarglobal.com are intended to be a basic initial roadmap for further discussion and action by "We the People".


We anticipate that many iterations of updates and new ideas will be introduced and validated over time, and old ones discarded, according to the available evidence being scrutinised at the time.


This is a totally expected outcome, in complete accordance with The Scientific Method principles.

- Daryl Bolland March 3, 2022