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The FDW Project

Fresh Drinking Water

Save Water

Every Drop Counts

Water is the lifeblood of any nation. It is critical to human life.

State-of-the-Art equipment can extract fresh drinking water from Thailand's hot humid atmosphere, OR from WATER BANKS, OR from SALT WATER (see water resources) .

These can be integrated with HYDROGEN Fuel Cells into specially designed WATER PODS to provide huge amounts of clean & fresh DRINKING WATER.

Each 1000 m3 capacity WATER BANK location in Thailand will provide some 50,000 twenty litre bottles of water to drink.

One person needs approximately one 20 litre bottle per week, so 50K bottles will provide LOW COST (or FREE) drinking water for 50K Thai people in one week, more as the WATER BANKS refill after rain.

This DRINKING WATER could be collected at each WATER BANK location by the Thai people who need it most.

The FDW Pod

The FDW Fresh DRINKING WATER Pod is integrated with state-of-the-art water extraction technology, powered by 10 (single module), 20 (double module) or 30 (triple module) HYDROGEN Fuel Cells (HFCs).


CAPACITY: (18m3 x 10) + 50.28m3 = 230.28m3 (230,280 litres).
DIMENSIONS: 11.7m Diameter, 4m Height

CAPACITY: (27m3 x 10) + 75.42m3 = 345.42m3 (345,420 litres).
DIMENSIONS: 11.7m Diameter, 6m Height


CAPACITY: (36m3 x 10) + 100.56m3 = 460.56m3 (460,560 litres).
DIMENSIONS: 11.7m Diameter, 8m Height

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Module

Fresh Water Extraction Module

SINGLE Capacity Pod

230,280 litres

One FDW, One HFC Module

DOUBLE Capacity Pod

345,420 litres

One FDW, Two HFC Modules

TRIPLE Capacity Pod

460,560 litres

One FDW, Three HFC Modules

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