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Delta Star

Cast in 18ct Gold

Cast in Sterling Silver

Why use the Delta Star Design?  What does it signify?

By using the Greek letter Delta (Δ), the Delta Star design has a clearly defined triangular field of stable and purposeful activity.

Within that space are three distinctly different inputs coming together to form a stable central point of balance and focus.

This represents practical and useful outcomes by fusing creativity and imagination with rational, logical thinking.




Structural components of the Delta Star design:

Greek Letter: Delta

Nikola Tesla's 3 6 9

6 point Asterisk: Star

Nikola Tesla's 3 6 9

Delta + Star Overlaid

Nikola Tesla's 3 6 9

Delta + Star Welded

Creative + Imaginative

+ Central Lithium Atom

Logical + Rational

Delta Star Symbol

Practical + Useful

DELTA STAR GLOBAL: A Positive, Creative and Constructive Vision for Humanity