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Free Will

Our thoughts lead to words, and those words lead to actions!

Let's take back control of our thoughts!

To take responsibility for our actions, we must first take responsibility for our thoughts.

Survival instincts tend to create negative responses, so we must learn to focus on positive thoughts.

The outcomes resulting from consistent negativity can result in disasters for Humanity!

Freedom becomes Tyranny

Life becomes Death

Friends become Enemies

It has often been wisely stated that...

"We Become What We Think About"

Other similar observations have been made...

"Whatever We Think About... GROWS !!!"

It is clearly better for Humanity as a whole to adopt a positive focus.

Did you know that 95% of your decisions take place in your subconscious mind?

Positive Thought  is a Critical Part of Our "Vision for Humanity"

DELTA STAR GLOBAL: A Positive, Creative and Constructive Vision for Humanity