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Citizen Action

Building a local community requires pro-active citizens!

If the mountain won't come to you...

Then you must go to the mountain!

The odds are good... 1/4 are positive.

FACT: Any worthwhile human endeavour requires some initial positive & constructive action! The main roadblocks are IGNORANCE and APATHY... "I don't want to know and I don't care!"  Occasionally, some others will quickly give you their negative opinion... "That will never work!"

WATCH: Those will be the first to agree when they see other local citizens making a big difference.  To find Gold, we need to put our efforts in the right place, at the right time, & with the right tools.

YOUR GOAL: To create a small "cell" with 9 other local people & meet in person regularly.

Simple words of genuine interest always work: "Hello Neighbour. How are you today?"

You could then ask: "Do you know anyone who wants to help build an active local community?"

Citizen Action  is a Critical Part of Our "Vision for Humanity"

DELTA STAR GLOBAL: A Positive, Creative and Constructive Vision for Humanity