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Cell Structures

Remember when we said:

YOUR GOAL is to create a small "cell" with 9 other local people & meet in person regularly.

Well, here's why ...

Cells with 9 members with the cell creator as admin is an ideal structure for decision making.

As the cell admin, you might choose to create a 5:5 deadlock when the vote is split 5:4 whereas when the vote of cell members is 6:3, 7:2, or 8:1, the admin vote has no effect and is not required.

Voting would usually be concerned with allocation of community resources and conflict resolution.

First, we find three others who want to help build a FREE local community.

Then we confirm that we are all committed to a FREE local community.

Then we all meet and formally establish our new LOCAL cell with you as admin.

Then we actively seek three more committed citizens to our growing cell...

We continue to actively seek three more committed citizens to our cell.

Our mature cell is now ready to share in local community decision making.

The Delta Star design is a useful visual tool that maps the growth of citizen cells and cell groups.


The centrally positioned Lithium atom confirms the Scientific Method as a core operational principle of Delta Star Global.

Request <-> Response Communication:

The Delta Star design allows for multiple connections between cells which simplifies REQUEST and RESPONSE communication.

Communities Can Grow FAST !

...with connections to other cells.

Level 1 Group

Level 2 Group

Level 3 Group

Level 4 Group

7 cells -> 70 citizens

19 cells -> 190 citizens

37 cells -> 370 citizens

61 cells -> 610 citizens

Citizen Cell Groups  are a Critical Part of Our "Vision for Humanity"

DELTA STAR GLOBAL: A Positive, Creative and Constructive Vision for Humanity