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Self Rule

Our Citizens Deserve Better !!!

From TOP DOWN authoritarian rule by 13 corrupt & un-elected mega-rich families...

...to BOTTOM UP self rule by We the People for the benefit of all citizens of the global community.

What is Self Rule?

Why does it matter?

The "élite" model is [by nature] a top-down form of government that issues commands to its subjects.

We now know that these "élite", supposedly elected representatives are too easily bribed or intimidated and soon cease to represent the people who elected them.

They soon begin to represent only themselves and their corporate masters, instead of those who elected them: "We the People".

The Delta Star model of self rule encapsulates the ideal process of decision making in a self ruled local community.

This model promotes close face-to-face personal contact between the nominated family representatives (NFRs) of 4 to 10 different local family groups.

These NFRs form a local cell of patriots, of which 3 to 6 NFRs form strong and reliable communication links with other similar local cells.

The Delta Star cell structure maps exactly the ideal decision making process at the lowest local level.

Each NFR casts a yes/no/maybe or ("1","-1","0") vote that represents their own family unit's decision. These are tallied to represent the cell's decision and that decision is communicated progressively up the cell structure by the nominated cell representative (NCR) until a final decision is announced. This is bottom up SELF RULE at its finest. 

We use the Delta Star design because it maps perfectly the ideal structure of a very effective "bottom up" style of local SELF RULE for "We the People".

Find out more about the Delta Star design [here]

DELTA STAR GLOBAL: A Positive, Creative and Constructive Vision for Humanity