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The HHH Project

The Cabal's Worst Nightmare !!!


[The bees got it right!]

The HHH Project is a determined, "PLAN A" effort to save humanity from mass depopulation.

Our aim is to inform, motivate, coordinate and mobilize the people of our planet to defy and defeat the cabal.

We are also preparing "PLAN B" and "PLAN C", so we appreciate your constructive ideas.

Read about our strategies [here] <<< | >>> Contribute your own ideas [here]

Find out why we use the Delta Star to model hexagonal community structures [here]

Phase One:

Form Local Patriot Cells

>>> Find out more about Phase One [here]

Loosely Bound Communication

Phase Two:

Establish Secure Communications

>>> Find out more about Phase Two [here]

Tightly Bound Communication

Phase Three:

Gather and Secure Local Resources

>>> Find out more about Phase Three [here]

Phase Four: 

Establish a Resource Exchange Network

>>> Find out more about Phase Four [here]

Phase Five:

Establish Bottom Up Self Rule

>>> Find out more about Phase Five [here]

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