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What do Citizens need from their Community?

Personal Freedom & Liberty

Equality & Equity Balance

Fellowship & Friendship

Freedom and liberty are often considered to have the same meaning, but there is a subtle difference. Freedom is something we inherit as sovereign beings. Liberty is a social construct that signifies permission.

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Equality indicates that all citizens have the same rights, privileges and opportunities. Equity indicates that some citizens deserve community assistance to ensure the same outcomes as other more successful citizens.

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Regular local contact with other members of the community is an essential requirement to foster a positive community spirit. It is a basic human need to enjoying fellowship with others and create long lasting friendships. [read more here and here]

What does a Community need from its Citizens?




No relationship can survive without honesty. Together with open & clear communication, it is the cornerstone of trust. Without trust, any relationship has a very limited future.

Sororities and Fraternities expect loyalty from their members because there is strength in one unified voice. Without loyalty, any community crumbles.

A community whose members have no commitment to the common goals of the group will struggle to achieve meaningful results where its citizens don't contribute.

Why is Community Structure SO Important?

Top Down

Bottom Up



This TOP DOWN-BOTTOM UP comparison clearly shows who is doing the TELLING [ordering] and who is doing the LISTENING [obeying]

The problem with Top Down Control is that those in power quickly acquire delusions of grandure and conspire to gain even more power.

The HUGE benefit of Bottom Up control is that the citizens always remain in total control and decisions are made that benefit everyone.

Bottom Up Self Rule is a Critical Part of Our "Vision for Humanity"

Let's continue our discussion of Community basics...

We will look at the rôle of the Human Brain in decision making and how our mental focus affects community outcomes, as well as the success or failure of our relationships with other citizens.

We will see how the Delta Star design mimics the growth of "Bottom Up" community cell structures.