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Family Structures

The Human Family

For a species to survive, it must produce healthy offspring.

For humanity to survive as a species, we must continue to produce healthy babies.

The family unit is the nucleus of humanity and it must be properly provided for and protected, at all cost.

Humanity is strengthened as a species when our male/female bonding produces a precious baby.


Why is a Family Important?

Human families create an environment that supports HONESTY, LOYALTY and TRUST. 

It is the very foundation of humanity. Nothing could be more important !!!

The family unit, as the nucleus of our communities, has recently been attacked by the Cabal. 

The Cabal has used Main Stream Media to brainwash gullible citizens with effective mind control.

They have created male/female division, destroyed families, and provided "convenience" abortions.

What is a Family?

Human families also form strongly bonded units that PRODUCE, PROVIDE and PROTECT their members.

Find out more about the PRODUCE-PROTECT-PROVIDE model [here]

Human families are comprised of several different structures, depending on cultural and religious preferences. Various cultures accept their own family structures while rejecting others. 




Same Sex

Christian groups tend to create families with one man and only one wife, producing only one child yearly* during the individual wife's fertile years.

Muslim groups choose to allow one man to have up to 4 wives, producing multiple children from the multiple wives yearly* over the wives' fertile years.

Other cultures choose to create a family with only one wife having multiple husbands, while producing only one child yearly* over the individual wife's fertile years.

In other cultures, two wives can form a family, with up to two children yearly* from one or more sperm donors. Two husbands can form a family by adoption. 

*assuming 9 months gestation + 3 months recovery &/or maternity time [ignoring twins, triplets, etc.].

Muslim populations have enjoyed unmatched family growth with the "Polyandry" family model.

Perhaps freedom loving patriots should consider the same model in order to spike our family growth potential.

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